Welcome to my life in pics!

Hello! I am Gios ­čÖé

Hello I am Gios ­čÖé

I am bearded, scruffy, gay. I am an happy chap, who loves discovering the world. I am deeply in love with┬áthe country where I come from, Italy; with my beautiful region, Puglia, the “heel of the boot”; with my family, and of course with my good friends, wherever in the world they are (and I promise you, they are really spread out everywhere!)

I like to think of me as an instablogger: I prefer short, concise posts, with images and straight to the point tips and suggestions of what to see in the places that I visit! I don’t want to bother you too much… there is plenty of travel guides and more respected and well known (gay or┬ánot) webpages and travel blogs or local magazines out there, that can give you better suggestions. I will make sure to point them out from time to time, so you will have plenty of sources to check when planning your next dream adventure. I will try and make sure to keep my blog posts short, pleasant and possibly funny. One promise: my posts will never be longer than 500 words, so you can read them while on the go, and quickly forget them and get back to your definitely┬ámuch more interesting life!

I want you to discover my life, and laugh with my crazy world. I love the finest things in life: sea, beach, nice nights out, cozy nights in, great food and good wine. All of this is for me quality of life.

I am very curious, always qestioning what happens behind the corner, or on the other side of the world. I am restless: I have lived in a few places of the world so far (Los Angeles, London, Madrid, Milan…) and eager to get to know more of this small world!

At the end of 2014 I happened to lose my job in London, so I decided to take time off from life and starting to think to myself and my wellbeing. That’s when I took the courage to move out from the Big Smoke and decided to challenge┬ámyself in a much different environment: the world!

I am a selfie addicted, and this is mainly my insta picture diary of the places I visit. Yes, shameless half naked ones too ­čśë Hope you do not mind!

My life has changed I am loving it. I hope you will love it too!



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