Stockholm, the (gay) capital of Scandinavia

Stockholm, the Scandinavian Capital, is gorgeous indeed!

I have seen many beautiful cities in Europe, whether capital ones or not, but the enchant of the beautiful Stockholm, the pearl of Sweden, is very hard to beat… It must be the idea of being the residence of the Swedish Royal Family to help its magic… who would not like the idea of being a Queen? 😉 And yes, the city is pretty full of queens too… as it is natural, being Stockholm the gay Scandinavian Capital too!

Stockholm’s scenery indeed seems coming out of a fairy tale: beautiful palaces, churches, its amazing seaside, lying on the Baltic Sea, melt in one unique place, which can leave you breathless!

I first visited Stockholm in June 2014 and I immediately fell in love with its charm. It is not a huge capital; actually the old town, center of the city, is pretty small, yet still full of things to see and do. I paid Stockholm again a visit one year after, in June 2015, to feel the same incredible sensations!

Spend your time walking along the narrow streets of the Old Town, or sitting at one of its many old cafes to appreciate its slow rhythm of life! You will feel like you are lost in time!

Stockholm is full of museums too: whatever you can think of, is for sure on display somewhere. If, like me, you like photos, you should head to Fotografiska, photo museum along the seaside. I was lucky to see a beautiful exhibition, Pretty Much Everything 2015 (very gay!) of Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, two big names in fashion photograpy industry, who have worked with the biggest fashion icons of the last decades, Lady Gaga above all 😉 not yet with me though… but soon, I am sure ha!

I have heard about the gay scene in Stockolm… unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to visit much of it… soon after MidSommer, Stockholm’s gay scene is pretty empty! The reason is that for most Swedish, Midsommer is just the start of their long Summer holidays Anyway, I spent beautiful time on the well known Sunday party on Patricia‘s boat and its delicious restaurant! If you need to check out more of Stockholm’s gay nightlife, you can find all the information needed on the Visit Stockholm website. Plus, don’t forget to check what is listed QX, gay magazine updated with everything you need to know about gay life in Sweden.

Sorry I have not been helpful about the gay capital of Scandinavia… hey, I am always up to check that out again! So, if you plan a visit and fancy me to come along, just send me an email, and we can arrange a (long) weekend there together! 😉

Date of Last Visit: June 2015


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