Oslo – Gay Pride and beyond

Norway and its capital, Oslo, is an enchanted place!

Words cannot explain Oslo’s beautiful green scenery, peaceful environment, ordered perfection! Oslo is also a fun gay destination not to miss!

I was lucky to visit this beautiful city in the best period of the year (for me, and many of you, obviously): during its gay Pride week :p which contributed to make my stay even more enjoyable!

First of all, I fell in love with Oslo’s sights and surroundings: it is not a big city, but not too small though. You can walk around the city for hours, and still discover new corners and sights you would not imagine of. It is a green city, which develops along the banks of the Akerselven river, a proper “green lung” of the city, that has become a wonderful recreaction area: don’t miss its stunning waterfalls!

Even in the very centre of the city, it looks like you are in the countryside: big parks are literally everywhere, and you can easily forget you are straight in the middle of one of the richest cities of Europe! Norway is a huge country, rich of oil in its soil… so if you are looking for a Sugar Daddy, you might consider to extend your search to this country too :p


If you enjoy skijumping, you must head to Holmenkollen, just a few stops out of the centre of the city, by tube. There you can find a large ski jumping hill, that can be fun also in summertime! It is also the perfect spot to enjoy stunning views of the city from above in the distance!

Oslo is pricey… if you are travelling (like me) on a budget, well you should avoid it! Everything is more expensive than average, from food to alcohol! Consumption of less wine and beer is certainly a good thing for your liver, so if that’s what you are after, Oslo is the city for you =) Lucky enough, I had the possibility to stay one week for free in Oslo, guest of a lovely couple of gay friends, Kjell and Thor… so look for new friends and Oslo will be cheap for you too!


Gay life in Oslo is amazing! Pride Park was in the very centre of the city: people were friendly, nice, and a good laugh… Of course I could not miss the gay bars either. Right in the city centre, I loved the cozy and friendly atmosphere of the Ett Glass bistrot, and the crazy nights in the London Pub the Oslo’s finest Gay Bar and Club as they call themselves!

Is Oslo a gay city? Yes, definitely it is! Expensive… but definitely gay friendly! Check it out!

Date of Last Visit: June 2015


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