Tallinn – a beautiful discovery with a fun gay life

Tallinn was an unexpected discovery!

I did not have much expectations about Estonia in general… I heard of it as a nice country, but it was not in my top list of places to visit! I had also been pointed out Estonia was not gay friendly at all…

When I planned my Summer 2015 trip around Europe, it came as a natural choice to stop in Tallinn before adventuring into Eastern Europe. Such a choice was a great one indeed! I arrived to Tallinn from Helsinki on a quick boat: amazingly fast, in just one hour ride I found myself in a totally different world!

Estonia gained indipendence from Soviet Union in 1991 (along with Latvia and Lithuania), thanks to the so called Singing revolution, spontaneous peaceful mass night-singing demonstrations at the Tallinn Song Festival. In 2004 Estonia finally entered the European Union: I must admit I found a beautiful city, very European for some aspects, yet still very linked to the Sovietic past for some others, especially if you venture out of the (relatively small) center of the city.

3035The best way to explore Tallinn on a budget is to join a very well done free walking tour that will give you a flavour of the best sights of the city and will let you get to meet other travellers as well, which is always a nice to have especially if you are a solo traveller!

Another passion I want to share with you is my love for sights of the cities from their highest point of views, which is usually rooftop terraces, bar or hotels. The best view of Tallinn is guaranteed from the top of the Radisson Blu Hotel: check the pics of the city at the sunset… amazing bar, drinks, people and breathtaking view! Not to miss!

I was also lucky enough to be greeted by gorgeous weather! I could make a nice escape to the beach, to put on my white speedos! Pirita beach, the closest beach to the city, is very nice! If you are lucky enough to venture out during summer, be sure not to miss it!

Also gay life was a happy surprise! On the Saturday night, after a nice dinner and a few drinks, I spent a very nice all gay night in the X-Baar where I had the opportunity to meet both locals and turists. I was very tired, so I decided to go to bed straight after the X Baar, but I am aware there is plenty of ways to enjoy the gay night life until the early Sunday morning…

YES! I was surprised with Tallinn: everything was above my expectations, and the pleasant gay life was definitely a plus! Plan a visit, you won’t be disappointed!

Date of Last Visit: July 2015


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