Vilnius – Baltic’s Baroque capital

What’s not to like about Vilnius? Its Baroque atmosphere make it definitely the most beautiful capital of the Baltic area!

The historical Baroque centre is full of amazing architecture (beware, not only Baroque, there are as well examples of Gothic, Renaissance and other styles): Vilnius’ historical town centre was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994. Do not miss the opportunity to discover a bit of the history of the centre, by joining one of the daily free walking tours, which is always the best option to feel like a local, as I keep saying 🙂

3156One of the picturesque areas you should not miss is the Užupis district, just on the opposite side of the Old Town, on the Vilnia river. This district was a very poor and run down one during the Sovietic period: some bohemian artists, after the independence of Lithuania, took over the area and cleaned it! Uzupis declared itself an independent republic on April Fool’s Day 1997. Since then, every year Uzupis celebrates its National Independence Day on April Fool’s Day, and you need to have a very special passport to be allowed in the area: a very big smile on your face 🙂 Today Uzupis hosts many art galleries and bohemian shops: the army of the Uzupis Republic is an angel, which statue stands in the main square of the area, as a symbol of artistic freedom.

3190If you fancy a cocktail on top of the city, you should not miss the Sky Bar, at the highest floor of the Radisson Blu hotel. Unfortunately though, there is not an open view of the city from there, as the bar is fully windowed… so my suggestion is to get up to the Three Crosses Hill (Trijų kryžių) to enjoy a beautiful view of this authentic Medieval gem!

If the weather is not very good, as in my case, and the rain ruins your outdoor plans, you can spend a great afternoon in the amazing FORUM sport center: I first enjoyed its gym and threadmills with an amazing view over the city; after, I spent a few hours in its spa and swimming pools… really an amazing way to treat myself on a rainy Saturday afternoon!

Food… oh yes I loved Lithuanian food! Despite it was summer, I have seen better weather! So I looked for heart-warming food… luckily enough Lithuanian cuisine is a great help! My favourite dish was a typical handmade mushroom soup served in a rye bread loaf! Delicious!!! I had an amazing traditional meal in Forto Dvaras, right in the center of the Old Town: good service, great food, amazing prices!

After, I headed to the Meat Lovers Pub for a pint or two…

Gios and Andrew at Meat Lovers Pub
Gios and Andrew at Meat Lovers Pub

I did not explore Vilnius’ gay nightlife, I did not have time… well at least I have a good reason to go back to Vilnius, right? 🙂

Date of Last Visit: July 2015


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