Poland – Warsaw: a gay friendly capital

Warsaw is beautiful beyond any expectations: it is really a cosmopolitan city! An international fast moving capital proud of its history and its place in the world which manages to attract people from all over the world not only for tourism, but also for business. Arriving at night time to the main station I was visually impacted by the shining lights of the city: the landscape was dominated by the Palace of Culture and Science, 231 metres high, the tallest building in Poland and the eighth tallest building in the European Union, originally built as a gift from the Soviet Union the to Polish population.

The city develops along the Vistula river, and if you, like me, are joggers, you should put on your running shoes and discover this amazing city first with a run along the river! The historical centre’s heart is the huge Old Town Market Square, with many a sight and cafe: an interesting way to discover it is to join a Free walking tour, always helpful to get a first idea of the city and to be sure not to miss any must see spot!

Be sure not to stay only in the historical centre of the city: Warsaw is a big city full of gems. Do not miss the infamous Praga District! It is located on the other bank of the Vistula river, just in front of the Old Town. It is definitely worth a visit if you are curious, like me, and interested in breathing a Sovietic atmosphere: many of its streets were undamaged during World War II, so it is still possible to find some beautiful pre-war lamp-posts, sidewalks and apartment blocks, untouched by the war.

Warsaw is also very green! Parks are everywhere: you can walk for hours in the centre of the city from a park to the other, as almost a quarter of its area is comprised of fields, parks, green squares and lush gardens! I am a fan of green areas, so I found myself in the perfect environment, especially walking on the south side of the river, from a Saxon garden to the other.

To enjoy the sights of Warsaw from the top, walk up the stairs of St Anne’s Church, overlooking the beautiful central Zamkowy Square, and get an amazing view of the Old Town!

B3219eing the capital of Poland, Warsaw is also very gay friendly! And the men…. oh the men! So beautiful, at least for me 😉 Gay bars and clubs are mostly around the center of the city. My favourite? I had much fun in the Blok Bar: I also won twice at Bingo in the same night… check it out 😉

Date of Last Visit: July 2015


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