Poland – Wrocław’s unexpected beauty

I have to be honest: I had never heard of this city before! Yes, spank me now! I have never been a good student in geography… I have always had so much more fun in discovering the world by travelling and seeing its beauty with my eyes rather than spending times on the books! So, when my Polish friend Dawid, whom I met during my winter 2015 stay in Gran Canaria, invited me to visit him in Wrocław I admit I was a bit suspicious! Instead I found a beautiful city, with an interesting soul, history and nightlife!

Wrocław is the 4th biggest Polish city in terms of population and is definitely worth a visit if you happen to be in the beautiful Poland. Its historical centre is pretty and definitely walkable: it develops around the Main Market Square, which contains the Old Town Hall. The best way to enjoy the small Old Town sights is to join the Daily Free Walking tour, that provides the right insights of the city.

Wrocław is a small city, so a weekend getaway is definitely enough! And, as far as I learnt from my friend, the weekend is also the best moment of the week to visit it, as many of the visitors, gay and not, come to this city from the smaller towns around to party and have fun, making the weekend night scene of Wroclaw definitely enjoyable. I spent a very fun night on the Saturday in the Hah club, a gay club full of friendly people and open to fag hags too (look at the lady in the pic…. what was she thinking?!), so make sure to check it out!

Although, I have to admit that real reason why I visited Wroclaw is because my friend Dawid is a great hair stylist, and he worked with his magic hands on my image, making me the most handsome I have appeared in ages… do you agree? So, if you happen to be around Wroclaw, make sure to stop by his saloon right in the centre of the city: Dawid will certainly give you a huge discount, for being my friends 😉

Wroclaw from the top!
Wroclaw from the top!

To enjoy Wrocław from the top walk up to the top of the tower of Saint Elizabeth’s church: amazing! The circular staircase is very narrow and a bit steep, but I promise it’s definitely worth it.

So, is Wroclaw worth a visit? Wroclaw has been nominated European Capital of Culture for 2016, which is an even better incentive to visit this beautiful city… that could be a good reason to visit the city and maybe explore something else in Poland too. Shall we organize a getaway? Get in touch! You’ll fall in love with this city like I did!

Date of Last Visit: July 2015


One thought on “Poland – Wrocław’s unexpected beauty

  1. Your blog is amazing!

    I have been thinknig about visiting Poland this summer. Which city is best for gay life/hot guys? 😉 (I am interested in history too)


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