Thailand: 5 reasons to visit the Land of Smiles

Whatever you are looking for in your next big holiday, you can be sure of one thing: you will find it in Thailand!

What are you looking for then?

IMG_8974– A relaxing holidays on sandy beaches in a tropical environment… you will find it in Thailand! And believe me, its photogenic islands are really amazing, breathtaking!

IMG_8248– A cultural holidays, because you (and of course your very patient partner and friends) love wandering for hours around ancient temples… well you will find plenty of them in Thailand! And if you are looking for some “me time”, in need of relax and meditation, in order to free your mind from stressful Western lives, a good place to do that is definitely Thailand!

IMG_9026– A bit of adventure, because you are interested in hiking, rafting, swimming in beautiful lakes, rivers, spending hours under natural waterfalls, looking for the most beautiful butterfly, monkey, snake or rat to capture in your pics, as well as meeting local people in their own villages, you can definitely do that in Thailand!

IMG_8760– a big night out, some (lol, I am sarcastic…. plenty of! obviously) booze, music and crazy beach parties, or (gay and straight) buzzing bars in the best areas of the cities, no place in the world is better than Thailand!

IMG_8382– Great street food, fresh natural fruit juices, amazing recipes with (again, obviously) plenty of rice, because you are a foodie, tired of the boring fatty Western food, and need a break from fish and chips, burgers, pasta, pizza… don’t think twice! Thailand’s amazing fresh recipes full of vegetables and naturals flavours will conquer your stomach, and make you feel home!

And Thai people are so friendly! The country is often called the Land of Smiles, the main reason being in fact the hospitality of the locals: you will not be disappointed from their friendliness and positive attitude.


I had heard so many good things about Thailand and so many enthusiastic reviews and comments about this beautiful country and its inhabitants! Thus, last summer, when I started organizing my first ever extensive trip around Southeast Asia, Thailand came as a natural choice as the first stop of my amazing (still ongoing while I am writing) trip! In my future posts, you will discover with me the amazing sights of its capital, Bangkok, the city which never sleeps; Thailand’s amazing beaches and islands; its stunning temples and cultural life… and plenty more!

So, keep travelling with me 😉

Date of last visit: November 2015


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