Merry Christmas… from the beach :)

Christmas on the beach? Uhm, it sounds a little weird ūüėČ

Christmas on the beach for Gios
Xmas on the beach for Gios – Gili Air

I have always spent Christmas in the northern emisphere… where Christmas falls in a usually cold winter!

So, my idea of Christmas has always been associated with snow, scarves and of course big Xmas jumpers! But hey, now I am at the Tropics, and I promise you,¬†everything seems so Christmassy ūüôā

I have been to¬†Indonesia! The streets and the shopping malls of the amazing city of Yogyakarta¬†these days are¬†smelling like Christmas: kids playing Christmas songs everywhere, and a lot of winter decorations (even though, being Indonesia in the Southern Emisphere, it is summer) in every corner…

I have been to¬†Laos! And in Vientiane a huge Christmas three was placed in the middle of the most popular square of the city, with Santa playing Jingle Bells on a loop (yeah, like that…)

I have been to¬†Malaysia! Every shopping mall of the beautiful Kuala Lumpur was in full swing for¬†Christmas celebrations…

Gios and the Peanuts at KLIA2
Gios and the Peanuts at KLIA2

…also¬†one of the gigantic airports of Kuala Lumpur, KLIA2, was full of Christmas decorations! Even¬†the Peanuts were invited to participate to the celebrations!!!

Hell yes then! It is Christmas after all, and it is Christmas even at the beach!

A very Merry Christmas!

I hope Santa will bring you joy and happiness, wherever you are! :*


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